About Us

Welcome to FiberElectronics

Since our founding in 2000, FiberElectronics, LLC has worked to establish a reputation of excellence among our customers. Designed to produce optical patch cords to exacting customer standards and qualifications, we have honed our skills in all aspects of our service, from production to shipping to inventory maintenance. This has allowed us to come through, not just in everyday situations, but when our customers need us the most.

We are headquartered in Baltimore, MD and have a second facility located in Asia to help support our customers' global needs.

We pride ourselves in coming through for our customers.

Mission Statement

In the world of fiber optics there is no shortage of vendors to choose from. What separates FiberElectronics from the rest is our commitment to customer satisfaction. Not only do we offer top quality jumpers that are individually tested, but we strive to have the quickest turnaround times in the business.

Every piece must meet our quality standards, so our customers can rest assured that no matter how large or small the order, every jumper will perform. We pride ourselves in coming through for our customers when they need us the most, from last minute changes to special products that they only trust us to build.